Tissue Diagnostics

Gamidor Diagnostics paves the way in Tissue Diagnostics solutions in Israel for over 20 years and is the frontier for Cancer diagnostics, Prevention and early detection. We incorporate systems from world leading companies in the market to offer full automation through state of the art technology, enabling to identify hundreds of bio markers in pathological tissues, including Parrafin embedded tissue, cytological slides, frozen section and liquid biopsies.

Gamidor Diagnostics specializes in Immunohistochemical (IHC) testing, molecular ISH testing, and Histochemical staining on automated slide-prepping instruments from VENTANA (Roche).

Gamidor Diagnostics Markets and distributes high-end technology companies for Pathology institutes from the first step of tissue processing to the final slide staining for Diagnostic tests. Our portfolio includes molecular systems to detect bio markers, primary antibodies, fume hoods, tissue processors, frozen tissue processing, slides, general equipment and more.

We use the most advanced systems in order to minimize hands on time, improve quality, standardization and safety in the Pathology institutes. Our support team includes clinical experts, application personnel, technicians and IT personnel that are skilled in providing fast and professional service.