Genetics and Cytogenetics

Gamidor Diagnostics is a leading supplier In the Israeli genetic screening market since 1984. The main fields we are active in are:

Prenatal Screening:

Gamidor Diagnostics represents Revvity, the leading supplier in Prenatal Screening, since 1984. Revvity tests includes both 1st and 2nd trimesters screening for Aneuploidy screening (PAPP-A, fBHCG, AFP, HCG, UE3, Inhibin tests). The tests are run on the AutoDelfia systems and risks are calculated using the Life Cycle software. All Prenatal Screening tests are run on AutoDelfia instruments.

Recently, Revvity also launched the PIGF test for Pre-Eclampsia screening. At beginning of 2018 a revolutionary NIPT test will also be launched (called Vanadis Smart NIPT) which will allow every lab to perform an accurate and cost effective trisomy’s 13,18,21 non- invasive test.

Neonatal Screening:

Gamidor Diagnostics represents Revvity, the leading supplier in Neonatal Screening, since 1984. The tests are performed for every newborn in the Israeli national lab for newborn screening in Shiba hospital.  The tests includes TSH, T4, 17OHP, TREC and more.

Genetic carriers screening (NanoChip):

Gamidor Diagnostics and Savyon Diagnostics are the manufacturer and supplier of the NanoChip™ automated Microarray systems used for the Israeli carriers screening program for tests such as: CF, Tay Shacs, Ashkenazi panel, BRCA and more. Most of the carriers screening test in Israel are performed on the NanoChip systems since 2007.

Extended carriers screening (MyScreen):

Gamidor Diagnostics is the developer and supplier of the MyScreen test, an NGS based test for extended carriers screening of more than 600 different diseases widely common in the Israeli population. The test, run on illumina platforms, allow every lab to offer a cost effective and tailor made extended panel and by that offer couples more information to manage their pregnancy.


Neonatal Screening