Central Laboratory

Our Central Laboratory Division gives the power of knowing you can be in control of your health today to for a healthier tomorrow. We know that the value of diagnosis lies in the knowledge and that is why our many analyzers, located all over Israel, perform tens of millions of diagnostic tests on patient samples all year round. We provide diagnostics data which is a critical source of objective information for improved disease management and patient care. Every minute in Israel, our state-of-the-art analyzers give hundreds of laboratory results in more than 50 hospitals, central-laboratories and clinics. Our dedicated team support all customer sites 24/7 and gives professional advice and care to hundreds of tests that are being performed all day long all year round. In modern healthcare, our diagnostic service go far beyond simply telling a doctor whether a patient has a certain disease or not. Today, it is an integral part of decision-making along the entire continuum of a patient’s health or disease, enabling physicians to make full use of our analyzers along the healthcare value chain. The different diagnosis test that are performed on our analyzers have long been considered as the “silent champion” of healthcare, influencing over 60 % of clinical decision-making, while accounting for only about 2 % of total healthcare spending.

We make sure that our diagnostics capabilities allows laboratories to be the most reliable partners that healthcare professionals need. It empowers doctors to make the right decisions for their patients at the right time; it allows people to have improved control over their health and wellbeing. We believe that the future of sustainable healthcare depends on diagnostics, and we see that our contribution save patient life and help Israeli society.