Gamidor Diagnostics, specializing in a variety of products for molecular biology and sequencing solutions for diagnostics and research applications is proud to be selected as GenapSys Inc. distributor in Israel.

 GenapSys Inc. is a new and innovative company offering systems and reagents for NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) using novel and unique technologies. These technologies combined constitute a quantum leap in sequencing quality and costs, packed in a bench-top instrument smaller than a standard PCR machine.

 The new distribution agreement is a substantial reinforcement to Gamidor’s existing portfolio which includes world’s leading manufacturers such as:

  • Roche Diagnostics of world’s most leading and innovative companies for instrumentation and reagents in diagnostics and research fields
  • Kapa Biosystems offering a wide variety of solutions and kits for NGS library-prep, amplification and quantification
  • Permagen Labware offering state of the art magnetic racks specifically designed for NGS protocols requiring extra-precise performance
  • Coastal Genomics offering gel-based automated solutions for nucleic acids analysis and size-selection, and, in addition a plethora of additional market-leading companies.

 Additional details and information can be found in the following link:

 Additional information on GenapSys Inc. is available in manufacturer’s website:

 For the download of selected app-notes:

 The new instruments are available for trials and evaluations, we’d be happy to be at your service.

 For further information and details kindly contact:

Ilan Vered, PhD.